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What is the ReVision Initiative?

The ReVision Initiative is about creating tangible ways for local young people to have their say on places and space in their communities.

ReVision have tools to support young people to audit places and spaces that are or will be used by young people to ensure that it is youth friendly, and tools to help planners, managers, architects and designers use Youth Relevant Design to create youth-friendly places and spaces.

We've trained up a dozen local young people to be Youth Audit Team Leaders, who are young people that use these tools to lead Youth Friendly Spaces Audits in their communities.Team Leaders aren't the only ones to complete the audits; they lead teams of local young people who actually use the space to audit their communities spaces and places. The team leader then reports back to to the owners and managers of the audited space with a youth-friendly score and a range of recommendations. 

There are 5 Factors of Youth Relevant Design that form the bases of the Youth Friendly Spaces Audit, providing focus areas, points of discussions, and a framework for making recommendations. 

Our Youth Audit Team Leaders are a mix of young people aged 15 - 24 who are trained in:

  • Youth Relevant Design

  • Using the Youth Audit

  • Establishing a Team

  • Completing a Site Visit 

  • Data Collection and Reporting Back​

Hear about the ReVision Initiative, what tools we have and what Youth Relevant Design looks like.

Our work to date

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