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Shaping the Future: A Glimpse into What We're Excited About in 2024

As we embark on a new year, the team at Re:Vision is filled with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. 2024 holds the promise of exciting developments and opportunities for our organisation, and we can't wait to share our vision for the year ahead.

Expanding the Reach of Re:Vision

One of our primary goals for 2024 is to expand the reach and impact of Re:Vision across New Zealand. We're thrilled to work with more communities, conduct youth-friendly audits in new regions, and engage with a diverse range of spaces. By broadening our scope from our humble beginnings in Canterbury, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, making youth-friendly environments a norm throughout the country.

Strengthening Community Partnerships

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, and in 2024, we are eager to strengthen existing partnerships and forge new ones. By working closely with local organisations, businesses, and government agencies (shoutout MSD, MYD and councils!), we aim to build a robust network dedicated to championing the well-being of youth. Together, we can create a united front for positive change.

Introducing Innovative Initiatives

Innovation is key to progress. This year, we're excited about the possibility of introducing new initiatives that align with our mission of fostering youth-friendly spaces. Whether it's incorporating educational resources for more efficient audits or launching creative campaigns to raise awareness, we're committed to staying at the forefront of positive change and finding fresh ways to make a lasting impact.

Amplifying Youth Voices

Our commitment to inclusivity goes hand in hand with amplifying the voices of young people. In 2024, we're dedicated to providing more platforms for youth to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Through increased engagement on social media (LinkedIn and Instagram) and outreach efforts, we hope to empower the next generation to actively participate in shaping the spaces that impact their lives.

Celebrating Success Stories

Behind every audit is a success story waiting to be told. This year, we're excited to spotlight and celebrate the positive transformations that result from our work in the past. By sharing success stories, we not only inspire others to join the movement but also highlight the tangible outcomes of creating youth-friendly spaces. We've covered a lot of ground in the few short years we've been in operation and we look forward to sharing that knowledge with others.

Advocacy for Policy Change

To create lasting impact, we recognise the importance of advocating for policy changes that support youth-friendly initiatives. We're committed to actively participating in conversations at local and national levels, advocating for policies that prioritise the needs of young people and contribute to the creation of safer, more inclusive spaces.

As we look forward to the unfolding chapters of 2024, the team at Re:Vision is eager to continue our journey towards a nation where every space is designed with the well-being of youth in mind. As we work together to shape a future where the potential of our youth knows no bounds, we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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