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Where You At? Podcast - Stand and Deliver

In this episode, guests discuss sexual harm and violence so please be aware if this is a topic you are sensitive to.

We're delighted to share the ReVision story on episode 14 of the Where You At podcast this week. Their podcast is a resource for youth anywhere; and for whanau, friends and others who may be supporting rangatahi in the community. “Where you at?” is a safe space to empower young people to ask questions, check in on their own relationships and where they are at, to get real information, to be a part of the conversation about healthy relationships, safety, and to recognise when and where they may need to get support.

Our very own team leader, and youth auditor, Piper Pengelly, shared her journey of being involved with ReVision for over 6 years. As ReVision transitions into a social enterprise model, it's been incredibly valuable to share our story and we're delighted to be part of the podcast.

Piper shared who ReVision is and the importance of youth leading the discussion about spaces and places in their community. Alongside filmmaker Liv McClymont, they draw parallels to having a youth-friendly space in the community and access to information. Piper's intro starts at 36:21 of the podcast.

She goes over just how exactly a youth audit works-- from finding a place to audit, recruiting volunteers, to walking through the space as a group of youth (no adults allowed) and writing the report of recommendations. Big spaces like the new stadium, Te Kaha, have taken onboard changes they recommended, among some of the most important, gender neutral bathrooms. The Bus Interchange has also been audited. It's not just for youth hubs or small youth-focussed places. "Young people are like a litmus test for the wider community", expresses Piper. "This is completely youth led. And now we can exist outside of the NGO space and create impact for the private sector too."

This episode is being broadcast at 10am today on Plains FM 96.9, and can also be found via the links below:

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Lara Gallagher
Lara Gallagher
Oct 12, 2023

Go, Piper, Go!

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